Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vegan Comfort Food + Exotic Soy Gelato = One Happy Vegan

Here I am, back from a wonderful weekend in Detroit. Luckily I got there just in time to make it to the cider mill which is a Michigan tradition. Apple orchards across the state crank out hot batches of their own homemade spiced ciders and I assure you there is no better beverage on the planet. Now I'm back in L.A where it is 92 degrees today. Lame! Oh well, it hasn't been that hot all summer so I guess one little heat wave in October won't kill me.

Right before I took off on my trip, I had a little Pure Luck/Scoops excursion. There has been some discussion lately about Pure Luck's decline, but I think they are as amazing as ever! (Excuse the crappy photos--my camera is broken so I have to resort to my friend's iPhones.)

We started the meal off right with an order of pickle chips. The only way to make a near perfect food like the pickle taste even better, is to fry it. These are self explanitorily delish.

Lately I haven't been able to make myself order anything besides "Kristen's Carnitas Wrap." Juicy jackfruit and Pure Luck's spot-on Caeser dressing knock off is a winning combo in my book. Add chewy sweet potato fries and magical tangy BBQ sauce to that equation and I am over the moon. (My order is the one at top).

My friend ordered rosemary fries, but alas, there was not a trace of rosemary to be found on the fries. They were good fries, it was just kind of a bummer that they didn't come as advertised. Luckily the rest of our food was so good we were willing to overlook this omission.

I find it physically impossible to leave Pure Luck without being sucked into Scoops like Ahab getting sucked into Moby Dick's giant whale mouth. This time around I ordered a scoop of Salty Chocolate and a scoop of Banana Oreo. T'was orgasmic as usual!



Anonymous said...

yummmmm PURE LUCK! i think i may have to go there today. regarding the decline...they did have a period there when they were going downhill, but as far as i'm concerned, they've totally recovered. those pix look so tasty!

can you believe i haven't eaten scoops? i am so addicted to sweets that i'm scared to try it.

Anonymous said...

Salty chocolate sounds delicious! There is a non-vegan ice cream shop in Columbus that does an incredible salty caramel,but, somewhat sadly, I've gave that up when I went vegan. I guess I'll just have to come up with my own salty caramel, or take inspiration from you and Scoops and make a salty chocolate!

tofufreak said...

pure luck and scoops sounds amazing! you are so so so super lucky!!!

everything looks deliciously awesome =D

trina said...

Me too.