Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another soul crushing "Biggest Loser" and cupcakes galore

Okay, first order of business. Is anyone out there a Biggest Loser fan? I don't know how you couldn't be. It is by far the most fascinating and emotionally charged social experiment of our time. Kirby Von Scrumptious and I like the show so much that last year I made some phone calls (in which I may or may not have acted like my own personal assistant so as to seem like an important Hollywood player) to get us tickets to the live taping of the Season 5 season finale. I continue to watch the show even though I often suffer from post-show depression from tearing up and/or sob an average of five times per episode (although at least one of those times is because I am so disgusted by the absurd abundance of product placement.)
The episode that aired tonight was particularly killer. I cannot believe those knuckleheads voted off Jerry!!! I know there has only been two episodes this season but I've already fallen in love with that white-haired teddy bear and to see him go so soon was like taking a swift kick to the head. Which is what I will give to those contestants who voted for Jerry to leave should I ever encounter them out there in the real world!

On to some food...

This winter I finally got in on the cupcake craze with the rest of the vegan blogosphere. It all started when I made a batch for a coworker to bring to the set of the new show he works on. They turned out great and then I had all the ingredients in the cupboard so I just kept making more. The most popular turned out to be the Cookies 'N' Cream cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Maaaaan oh man are they good. If you want to woo a cute boy or girl, I highly recommend making a batch of these babies.

I also made VCTOTW's Mucho Margarita Cupcakes. With real tequila in the mix, what's not to love?

Here is The Food Monster getting ready to cram a Jelly Donut cupcake from Veganomicon into his face. These were also delish although they were almost more breakfast-y than dessert like. Also, the book says that the jelly is supposed to submerge itself while baking, which did not happen with mine. I've seen other bloggers had their jelly sink successfully (like Vegan Dad's) so I don't know what's up with mine.

My favorite cupcake flavor turned out to be a concoction I whipped up myself after being inspired by a lunch at Hugo's: horchata. I am going to save the recipe for a little creative venture I'm working on (no, no, not a cookbook), but I will post the recipe at a later date because everyone should be able to experience the exquisite joy that is an horchata cupcake.

You may notice that the frosting in all of these pictures looks rather thin and flat. These photos were taken in my earliest cupcakes before I figured out that lessening, or in some cases, completely omitting milk from the frosting recipe creates a more normal, thick frosting. Also, I want to point out that I have learned to cut the frosting recipes from VCTOTW by a third because they recipes make an INSANE amount. I was sick of having an entire mixing bowl of frosting left over.

Ok, I need to stop looking at this cupcake porn now--a detoxing lady can only take so much temptation!


Foodeater said...

You just killed me with that horchata cupcake. Hot damn, that sounds delicous!

Anonymous said...

You may have something on your hands with that horchata creation!

Also: The Biggest Loser is one of those shows that either drives one to insanity!!! It's a 2 hour commercial! lol BUT watching Bob flip out last night was enthralling.

Kirby! said...

when jerry was up on the scale and let out that sigh-y "oh no", a little part of me died. i'm serious, i started crying right then and there :(

and if i didn't have such an adorable man friend, i would totally start stalking bob after seeing how sexy he is when he's angry!!!

and yes, those horchata cupcakes were amazing....

jessy said...

sweet jeebus! that's some seriously awesome cupcake porn, indeed! mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmm! i've gotta check back for your horchata cupcake! yay!

i have not watched The Biggest Loser, but i think i want to check out an episode or two sometime. sounds really cool! thanks! :D

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

I look forward to your horchata cupcake recipe! In the meantime, I love that mucho margarita one too.

La Traductora said...

Wow, I love this blog! I googled "horchata" and found your horchata cup cakes. I gotta try these!
BTW--I love LA, too. It's my hometown and I love it beyond reason, just as any expat loves the land they left behind.