Sunday, June 8, 2008

George Maya: My Own Personal Coke Mule

Our little art department was really bummed when we found out our beloved set designer Shu Shu would not be returning for our new season. He opted to stay on the feature he started during the hiatus which was probably a terrible idea since it's just some low budget indie that probably no one will see. Idiot.

When meeting the new candidates, we figured this guy George would fit in pretty well with this work-hard-but-party-harder art department when he had to schedule his interview around the Dodger's pre-season. Turns out we were right. George Maya is a true man about town and is an actual Los Angeles native to boot!

This morning George came into my office and the following conversation occurred:

George: Hey, Liz, come look at what I have in my trunk.
Liz: Stranger danger! You sound like a child abductor!
George: But it's me, George!

So I reluctantly accompanied him, making sure to tell everyone I passed, "I'm going to the PARKING LOT with GEORGE." That way, if he did abduct me, people could tell the police who dunnit.

Down in the lot, George opened his trunk and the sight I saw can only be described as SHOCKING. There was not one, but two flats of COKE LIGHT.

You see, George happens to be Yo Soy's most avid reader and he took note of my entry asking where to obtain this uber illegal pop and then promptly arranged to have some smuggled from Mexico.

Because that is just the kind of guy George Maya is.

The picture at top was taken on George's first day of work here. Please do not pass it along to the feds as I am thirsty and want to continue reaping the benefits of the underground coke railroad.

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