Friday, August 8, 2008

Another sign that The Devil has infiltrated Culver City

Bad News: After 11 years in Culver City, Cooks Double Dutch is closing due to skyrocketing rent.

Good News: The business is packing up and moving across town to my hood--Silver Lake!

Bad News: Only the catering side of the business will be operating. The restaurant is no more.

Dammnit!!!! I really love Double Dutch and am very sad to see it get pushed out of Culver City. When I whined to the staff about not bringing the restaurant with the rest of the biz to the east side with them, they said I could just place an order with catering for me and ten of my friends. While that seems slightly crazy, I wouldn't be surprised if I break down someday and place a call for ten orders of their perfect sweet potato fries. But the liklihood of me sharing them with ten friends is slim, I could wipe those puppies off on the walk home.

For our last ever meal from the restaurant, I opted to try the Vegan Mac 'N' Cheeze. I'm not really a fan of fake cheese but I figured that since Double Dutch does other vegan classics so well (like their tofu burger and tempeh club which are both the best on the west side by far) their knock off of macaroni and cheese would be great too. Well, it wasn't the tastiest thing in the world. The cheese flavor was subtle. It really tasted more like noodles with oil than anything else and the few "cheese" chunks were crumbly and generally not too appetizing. With that said, I love the taste of just noodles and oil, I just don't love paying ten dollars for it (so I guess it's a good thing production buys my lunch!).

Even though my last meal at Double Dutch wasn't a total success, I will still miss the place dearly. So adieu, my love, and good luck East of Vermont!

Top photo taken by GreengirlLA on Flickr


Ruby Red Vegan said...

Poo, too bad the mac & cheese was disappointing. I think it's just hard for a mac & cheese recipe to please every single vegan out there... I'm sorry to hear about the restaurant closing, though! I unfortunately know the feeling. When I moved to start college in a new city, I was so excited to try the city's only vegan restaurant... But when I got there, I found a sign saying it has closed!!! The sign also said it would be re-opening in a new location, but a year has gone by and no new restaurant yet. :(

Ooh, I love sweet potato fries, too! I'm dangerous around those. But you should convince production to buy catering from there one day, then it'll still be free (to you) and you can share without going crazy!

Destiny's Vegan Kitchen said...

Oh, I'm sorry for your culinary loss. That sucks big time. You'll just have to come up with events that they can cater! :o)