Friday, August 1, 2008

"The Happy Vegan" Does Its Job

Truth be told, this week has not been the best. So when we went to Tender Greens this week, I splurged and ordered "The Happy Vegan" which just so happens to be the tastiest salad this side of the equator. Even thought we go to TG at least once a week, I rarely get The Happy Vegan because it's a bit of a calorie-fest, so I tend to opt for something lighter. But today I knew a big bowl of oil and carbs was exactly what I needed.

The salad is really five in one. There is a tangy tabbouleh, a vinegary mix of pasta pearls and corn, a garlic-cilantro hummus, a sweet blend of farro wheat and dried cranberries, and mixed greens with lemon vinaigrette, all served with a slice of crusty grilled French bread. I'd happily take just one of those salads as my lunch, but throw them all together and you get five times the happiness!!! Tender Greens obviously has a very astute and accurate menu-writing department. My Happy Vegan along with my cheer-up trip to Alvaro Street (more on that later) have helped make this week slightly less terrible, so big thanks to TG!!!


Anonymous said...

is the hummus the stuff that looks like guacamole? damn that all looks really good. enough to make me happy fo sho.

Liz (¡Yo Soy!) said...

yeah, the hummus is the green stuff--which tells you how much cilantro is in there. it's sooooo garlicky and goooooood.

VEGAN TICKLES said... this place in Culver City?
I would love to try it.