Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Green Truck, We like you. Do you like us? Check one: Yes __ No __

When our show shoots on stage, we art department folks don't bother to keep our kitchen stocked because we just graze the craft service table. So on Wednesday morning, after we had been shooting at the stage for a couple of days, the cupboards were barren. People poked around the kitchen looking for a Larabar, some cereal, or maybe even some fruit leftover from the previous week to scrounge up for breakfast. But alas, there was nothing, and would be nothing until TJs opened up at nine. Luckily, we didn't have to mope for long before Green Truck pulled up to save the day!

Since our affair with Green Truck started a couple weeks ago, the crew has always been happy to see that little eco-friendly vehicle show up, but this particular morning people were ecstatic. We had all been so hungry just moments before and now we would be satiated! See how happy our lovely Production Designer looks as he devours his breakfast, at top.

I ordered a Soyrizo Burrito which turned out to be amazing! Here it is:

The spelt tortilla was great this time--I think maybe last time it was stale--and they didn't skimp on the special sauce which made me happy. It's not even on the menu so I can't tell you for sure what was in it--but there were a lot of tasty black beans, that is for sure. Our stage manager, Dave, ordered "The Mother Trucker" which is Green Truck's veggie burger and it tasted so much like a real hamburger that I spit it out thinking that they had made a mistake, but no, it was purely vegan! For the record, Dave said it tasted nothing like real meat, so maybe I just don't remember what a real hamburger is like, not having had one for six plus years. Regardless, both Dave and I agree that it's scrumptious. Here is Dave chowing down:

And here is Greg, our Foreman and avid ¡Yo Soy! reader, getting the stare down from everybody's favorite Jack Russell, who really wants a bite of his burrito.

We were sad to see you roll up your stairs and move on to the next company with good taste, but we trust we'll see you again tomorrow, Green Truck. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Kirby! said...

dude! i starred this as one of my "this looks yummy" pictures on tastespotting, and i didn't even know it was yours!

why don't any green trucks try to woo ME??????

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

You had me at Soyrizo!