Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Despite the dumb title, Skinny Bitch is awesome!

My friend recommended I read Skinny Bitch a while ago but I never got around to it. From what I understood from reading the occasional publicity blurb, I thought it was a diet book written by a couple snarky fashionistas who bully the reader into not eating. But my friend insisted that I'd like it, so I cracked it open last night and read the whole thing in a couple hours.

It turns out the book is basically a sassy, but well-researched, case for being vegan. While the authors were basically preaching to the choir, it reinvigorated my choice to not ingest animal products. It also inspired me to kick my aspartame addiction, so I'll be having a big Coke Light giveaway this weekend.

I highly, highly recommend the book to everyone. Most of us already know how our government agencies consistently fail us, but the detailed examples of how the FDA and EPA follow the scent of money will make you cringe. I am making our Art Dept. Coordinator read it right this second, actually. The one thing we both agree is a little too extreme is that the authors say that we women should just "suck it up" and not take painkillers for cramps. I'm a pretty tough chica, but seriously, that is just not happening.

Please make your meat and dairy eating friends read this book. One of the best points the authors make is that every vegan has, at some point, said they could never ever be a vegan. You don't realize how insanely easy it is to be one until you try! Look for some recipes from the Skinny Bitch cook book in future posts...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation; I think I'll put it on hold at the library, especially since the reviews I've read either say it's excellent or terrible!

I've never taken medicine for cramps in my entire life (and, yeah, I get them), probably because my mom didn't use them. Now I feel like a weirdo. :o)

kirby! said...

I would say that I call shotgun on the Coke Light, but that does not seem to be something that a skinny bitch would do. And god knows that I wish I were skinnier, and bitchier.

Katie said...

I was flipping through Skinny Bitch at Border's once, and I was really intrigued. I think I'll check it out from the library. Sounds like a good read!