Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meltdown is the Soup Nazi of the West and Kevin Arnold Comes to Visit

This picture is not really appetizing, but I assure you, this Spicy Black Bean soup of the day from Meltdown Etc. was outstanding. I was expecting your typical pureed fare, but what I got was a peppery mix of veggies and beans which makes this the twentieth or so amazingly tasty soup I've had from Meltdown. I am dying for them to publish a soup cookbook. I would buy it in an instant and open up my own little stand in my kitchen where friends could come over and try everything from chowders to bisques. Meltdown really is like the Soup Nazi outpost of the west coast, although they are insanely nice there so they are more like the Soup Teddy Bear.

Perhaps the more interesting part of my day, however, was when this dude totally trespassed on stage. I was the only one down there as almost everyone was on set when I saw this guy and girl walk up to the stage. I assumed they were just passing by, but then they turned and walked right through the elephant door. They proceeded to walk right past me and into a dressing room. I just kinda sat there stupefied for a second and then followed them and asked what the hell they were doing busting on to our stage without asking! Wellllllll truth be told I just said, "hello?"

The guy then proceeds to remove his sunglasses, revealing himself to be the one and only Fred Savage a.k.a. Kevin Arnold.

It turns out, The Wonder Years was filmed on our stages and Fred was showing his girlfriend his old dressing room. Later, Stage Manager Dave showed me where the powerbox still has Fred's name on it:

Fred/Kevin was very nice--apparently he is a director on the show that shoots at the stage across from us--and said he is a big fan of our show.

So basically, Kevin Arnold gave me a compliment. Between that and my awesome lunch, Friday was a pretty sweet little day! Also, when I was looking for that pic of Kevbo, I came across this fun blog by a chick who "stalks" movie locations, and she has a picture of her in front of the Wonder Years house which is just over the hill in Burbank!

One question remains: What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?

Meltdown Etc.

9739 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 838-MELT


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

I love the idea of your own soup stand in your kitchen. Which side would you fall on in this scenario, Nazi or Teddy Bear?

Kirby! said...

two things:

1) since i am most likely having my birthday party at a karaoke joint in koreatown, your out-of-tune-singing will be welcome.

2) tell fred to get his little bro ben to stop getting wasted and pouring beers on poor defenseless girls. i think you know what i am talking about.

3) i'm pretty sure i'm the single solitary L.A. foodie who hasn't been to meltdown. BAH.

Yo Soy! said...

lisa--i'd probably be more of a teddy bear, even though being a soup nazi would be super fun. i'd kick out people for the littlest offenses, yay!

kirbyface--let's get real--my singing voice is better than christina aguilera's (or that christina aguilera knock-off who serenaded you at the laurel canyon party) so OBVIOUSLY it will be welcome.